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Postpartum recovery and weightloss, no workout


Having a baby is exhausting enough as it is. Right after you have a baby you will be pushed to start working out and getting back into “shape”. As a new mother this should be the last thing on our list. After giving birth, we go through so much, I say take a break. There are easier ways to loose weight, and we will talk about it, because right now your job is to enjoy motherhood.

Forget about that Instagram picture you saw. That gorgeous mommy working out with a newborn in her hands, instead picture this: Shes sitting on the sofa with her legs up, sipping on fruity tea while reading her favorite book, with a massive smile on her face, all while her baby is sound asleep next to her.

Every women’s body takes on pregnancy differently. Some of us give birth and look like we never had a baby, so we share a picture or two to brag about how fast we lost our baby belly. We get likes and feel good about ourselves, but forget to think about the other mommies who have hard time loosing weight. We are not motivating anybody, instead we are putting immense pressure on each other to look a certain way.

When my sister had a baby our neighbors asked where did we get the baby from. They were confused because she never looked pregnant from the beginning. When she was 9 months, her belly looked like your regular bloated belly. So most of the time is generics! If she posted a picture on instagram doing push ups, you would of assumed that she is one hard working mom who just gave birth and worked out a lot to loose all of her baby weight in few months. Then you’d start telling yourself, you need to get going too.

Forget the baby blues, postpartum depression, and all other problems, you now have a bigger problem, -loosing weight! Because, right after you give birth, you need to look like you never gave birth.

We are pressured into loosing our tiger stripes, as if we never even earned them. But we did, we earned them the hard way and we should be proud of them.

Accept your self the way you are right now. Give yourself time to bounce back. Don’t rush it while ur baby is still few months, or years old. This period of your life is about you and your baby, so enjoy this time with your baby. You will have time for everything else later, I promise.

Stop looking at other moms who look like models, they are also struggling with something too, maybe its worse then you and i, trying to loose weight and look as good as them. Not everything is about looks, even though it seems to be that way these days. Dont try to look like you are not a mother when you have the most amazing title in the world. It happened, you cant hide it, LOVE IT!

Now that I got that our of my mind, heres….

How do you loose weight without working out? (how I lost weight)
-Simply by the right healthy food combination.

  • You dont have to count calories
  • You dont have to give up your favorite bite
  • You dont have to cut your meals

Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Well its possible! Let me tell you more about it.
All you got to do is combine your food properly. Combine well when ever you can, and remember the more you practice proper food pairing, the better your results will be.

  • Dont mix together
    -Different proteins
    -Proteins and starches
  • Do mix together
    -Proteins and vegetables
    -Starches with vegetables
    -Different kinds of starches
    -Fruits and raw greens
  • Wait 3,4 hours before switching categories. Its not only what we eat that matters, or food combination, what matters even more is the ORDER we eat our food. The lighter foods should be eaten first because they are quickest to break down.. Eat your fruits on empty stomach.  Because fruits are out of your stomach in 20-30 minutes.

The speed of breaking down the foods digestion is important for loosing weight and also fighting aging because the cause of aging is acidic sludge in the body which slows down ur energy. Starting from FAST to SLOW, this is the speed of breaking down the food

Vegetables (non-starchy)

The lighter the food, the faster it will be broken down which means you will have more energy. Try to keep that in mind before eating.
Proteins take hours to break down thats why you should eat them last at the end of the day.





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Lactose intolerant symptoms in babys, Personal terrifying story

How to know if your baby is lactose intolerant- (3)

Lactose intolerance is a digestive condition that can not be treated. If you are concerned that your baby is lactose intolerance, then check out the list bellow for symptoms that happen after feedings. If you are breastfeeding lactose intolerant baby, you will have to stop consuming cows milk as well.



  • Throwing up
  • Diarrhea and bad diaper rashes
  • Gases and bloating
  • Abdominal cramping

NOTE Lactose intolerant newborn babys will throw up few hours after breastfeeding. Once they get older (18+, m) they stop throwing up and have diarrhea instead.
Personal story

I was scared, sleep deprived and depressed new mom! My first newborn baby was throwing up every time I would breastfeed him and nobody knew what was wrong with him.

We even did ex ray as he was swallowing my milk, but everything seem to be fine.
My mother in law suggested that something is wrong with my milk, because that was the only thing he was consuming.
Nights were very scary for me because  he would throw up and I wouldn’t hear him so he would start choking. I slept with one eye open. His breath would wake me up multiple times at night, and sometimes he was fine but sometimes he was not.  I had blue bulb syringes all over his bed, and one next to me so I can grab it when I get up. I was scared to go anywhere without those little suckers.

I will never forget the day when I was alone home with him, I was holding him as he was choking and I thought that this was the last time I will get to hold his little body and he will never take another breath again, but Thank God, he did. And there was a time when he stopped breathing, my husband performed CPR on him and he finally started breathing again. This was terrifying for us. Nobody understood what we were going throught, what I was going through.

The only time I would sleep is when we were at the hospital. Nurses were around so I felt more comfortable sleeping because he was being watched.
All of this could of been avoided if I only knew what was wrong with him.

I did what I had to do, I stopped breastfeeding him and started pumping and throwing away all my milk. Only moms know how painful it is to pump and throw away! I had so much breast milk, my doctor said I could of fed the whole hospital. This was 10 years ago, I had no idea that my son was lactose intolerant. I could cry right now, I tell ya, remembering the milk I threw away.

If I only knew back then to ditched cows milk out of my diet, I could of breastfed him. I really wanted to breastfeed my baby. Older women kept telling me to drink more cows milk “Its good for you and ur newborn baby” so I did which explains why he was throwing up so much. Baby formulas contain a small percent of cows milk too, his belly was constantly upset, but at least he was not throwing up.

Eight years later I had my daughter Nour. Same thing happened! She started throwing up so much she would choke on it. Doctors said its normal, people said its a baby thing, but luckily my friend told me that her son was throwing up and his doc told her that her baby is lactose intolerant to isolate milk out of her diet if she wants to keep breastfeeding.
(She has no idea how much this information meant to me. Thats why I am sharing it, maybe somewhere out there a mom can find it useful as I did.)
Once I ditched the milk, my daughter was fine. I breastfed her for 2 years and I am so happy I did. I still feel guilty because I couldn’t breastfeed my first born, but at least I made it with my second.

There were times when my daughter had gases, and abdominal cramps even tho i didn’t consume milk. I started taking probiotics and this helped her belly so much. Probiotics that I was taking were diary free. They really upset mu tummy, but I kept taking them for her. Later I found out about other brands that are diary free, so I switched.

If you have similar story to share, am all ears or eyes lol, I would love to read it.

Notice If your baby has a reflex or is randomly throwing up for any reason elevate his bed, and buy one of those see throught cribs. Don’t leave him/her out of your sight alone.

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Acne During Breastfeeding- Treatments and Causes

Acne During Breastfeeding- Treatments and Causes

If you suddenly started breaking out and you are breastfeeding, chilax this is normal, and you are not the only one.
Even ladies who never experienced acne before, get break outs while breastfeeding. Its a hormonal imbalance which is common during pregnancy and lactation period.

Personal Story
I started breaking out 7 m postpartum, right when I got my first period, and I sucked it up untill my baby was 2 yo. The things we do for our kids!

I kind of figured it out. When I ate diary I would get cystic acne, and when I ate some sweets I got under-skin bumps all over my face. I have had acne before but never like this. These things would take turns. One day its on left side, next day its on the right side. Then all around my chin and mouth. It would take turns then go  like a roller-coaster. My dermatologist got confused, she told me to talk to my doctor. Everything she prescribed for me was unsafe for breastfeeding so I stopped going to her and decided to deal with this on my own.

I only used Salyclic Accid because its not absorbed by the skin. I felt like this was the safest for my baby. If you are going to use a supplements or any cream ask your doctor first and do not use Accutane (isotretinoin) or Tretinoin (retinol, vitamin A)

Here are few things that helped prevent acne when I was breastfeeding:

  • Drinking way more water then usual
    Dehydration could also be the cause of acne.  Since you are breastfeeding you have to consume more water anyways. I recommend you get one of these see through bottles  and drink at least 2 or 3, or 5 a day. The reason why I like these kind of bottles is so that way I see how much I drank and how much I have left.
  • Eating less sweets ( We crave sweets during pregnancy, BUT nothing can compare with wild cravings during breastfeeding, it’s hard to stop yourself, but try to fill up your drawers with healthier sweets and snacks.
  • Ditch the diary ( I have tested this many times and sadly diary is a 100% cause of acne during breastfeeding and for some other cases too, because of the hormones that it contsains)
  • Salicylic Acid Wash (2 times a day, not more because you are breastfeeding your skin is probably dehydrated already) Use a good moisturizer
  • Facial ( you can do it at home, or you can visit a salon just make sure you tell them that you are breastfeeding)

I weaned my baby off a month ago and my face has cleaned up. I have consumed diary and its not as bad as it used to be. Now i know that diary caused oily skin for me since HS.




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anniversary idea

Are you one of those cool couples looking to do something fun on your anniversary? Then this fun activity is the one for you.

Its something I started with my hubbsy just last year, and we are regretting not doing this since the beginning of our marriage, but its never too late.

So what is this fun activity, you might ask?
-Its a video of you two, talking to your future selves on next years anniversary; talking about how your year went down and whats going on in your lives at the moment. You might be surprised how bad you are gonna wanna see this later but..but!  The rules are you can not watch this video ever again until the next anniversary. Just before you record another video next year, you get to watch the video of previous year.

So this is what you do:

On anniversary night, after gifts, dates or what ever you do, this is the last thing you do. You two put a camera in front of you, and each will answer these questions about yourself or about each-other. Take your time and have fun with this, send your future self a message, remind yourselves how much you love each other.

Here are the questions you each get to answer:


  1. How was your day today, what did you do together?
  2. What is happening in your life right now?
  3. What do you do to stay close to each other?
  4. What do you wish you did more this year?
  5. What was the biggest challenge you faced this year?
  6. What was your favorite memory together this year?
  7. What are you planing on achieving until next year, your main goals?
  8. Any regrets this year?
  9. What are you thankful for this year?
  10. Kids talk.
  11. Advice for your future self.
  12. Advice for your partner… be nice!

Now if you make 3,4 video in a row, then you can go back and watch some videos, but not the one from last year, you get to watch that just before recording another one.

If you must, you can change or add a question or two 😉 Let me know if you do this with your partner, contact me if you want me to share your video on my page.


Tips How to Get a Perfect Gift

Gift Ideas

Express Your Emotions Through Gifts!

Many people have problems finding a perfect gift for their “someone”. Here are  10 simple questions that could help you prepare before going shopping for a present. Try it out:

1. How important is this person to me?

2. How much money are you willing to spend? (good to know so that way you buy the best stuff, and if you have leftover money u get more things 😉 )

3. Does your someone have a collection?

4. Did they give you a hint that they -need- something? ( pay special attention to what this someone talks about before their birthday for instance, they might give you a clue

5. What is his/hers hobby?

6. Whats the first -thing- that comes to your mind when you think of him/her?

7. The place he/she hasn’t been to in a long time..?

8. What is their favorite: -movie, -brand of clothes, -music singer, -book, – cookies, -accessory, restaurant?

9. What is your favorite memory of you two? You could remind them with a personalized bracelet, poster, pic in frame…ect)

10. Something he/she always wanted to have..?

NOTE In case you got more then 1 gift, you can also make a MAP with clues, where you left all of their presents
Gift Guy : portrait of guy with gift boxes. isolated on white background

Suggestions of  a gift that you could get (mixed occasions):

  • Thanks a “latte” card with a personal note and gift card to their favorite coffee shop
  • Jar full of “Remember when” personal quotes and stories
  • Beautiful congrats card, with 2 movie tickets (wink 😉 )
  • Gift Card to their favorite store
  • Edibles (with their favorite fruit)
  • Perfume
  • Customized gift basket
  • Unforgettable dinner that you cooked
  • Personalized cake that you made. I am watching you! You can do it.

ps. Dont forget to PACK IT nicely

The longest time I spent making a gift was a week. It was for my hubbys birthday. Every day after school I would go to a different store and get different gifts. I placed it nicely in a big gift basket. All he knew is that I was doing a “project” for his birthday, so he thought that I was making him a scrap book lol

When he recived the gift basket, he was really surprised and happy.

Seeing him smile like that, I was happier then him.
Giving Gift : boy giving rose for his little girlfriend isolated on white Stock Photo

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift. Pierre Corneille

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Diary Free Dreamy Cake, ready in 10 minutes, No baking

Dreamy cake is super fast and easy to make, all you need is  4 ingredients.


Vegan Diary Free Cake



You will need:
-Pack of CocoWhip SO Delicious Dairy free (any other whip works as well)
-1 or 2 packs of Dobrova Petit Biscuit ( you can also use Graham Crakers or Tea Biscuits)
-1/2 of almond or cashew milk (any milk works I used Cashew Milk)
– Diary free chocolate chips, I used Enjoy Life Semi-sweet Chocolate Mini Chips

So Delicious CocoWhip

Step 1

Enjoy Life Semi Sweet
Melt the chocolate and add milk to it.  (NOTE: You could skip this step but chocolate chips really gives it a nice flavor later.) Soak biscuits into the chocolate milk then put one by another until  you cover the bottom of the pan.


So Delicious Cocowhip
Start layering with CocoWhip. Put as much as Whip as you’d like, the more the merrier
So Delicious Diary Free
Keep Adding new layers until you ran out of biscuits.
Vegan Diary free
Grate some petit biscuit on top (optional)
Theo dark chocolate
Finish with grating chocolate on top (my choice for Diary Free chocolate is Theo Dark Chocolate)
Its best if you let it sit over night in the fridge. The biscuits will expend and get softer.
Vegan Diary Free Desert
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How to minimize pores and relive headache and sinus all at once

People with oily skin tent to have more pores then people with dry skin. Many things  can cause oily skin, some of them are: genetics, diary, make up, hormonal changes during pregnancy, puberty and stress.
Here’s one simple thing that helps minimizing pores and also is a possible relief for a headache.

You will need
-your time ( 5-10 min morning and night for at least a month)
-big bowl of hot boiling water
-big clean towel


After you boil the water place it on a secure table where you feel most comfortable sitting.
If you have kids you might want to use none-slip silicon mat for safety. It keeps it secure in place and it gives it extra security since you have a towel over your head. Trust me on this one, I have a curious 2 yo.

If the steam is too hot for you, pull back and make yourself comfortable, you dont want to burn your face. After you steam your face you want to wash it with a gentle cleanser. Then, its important to use astringent or apple cider vinegar distilled with water because your pores are open at this point. You could also massage ur face with piece of lemon. Afterwords use a good moisturizer or oil of your choice. (Rosehip Seed oil is my favorite) Depends how much time you have, this is also a perfect time to throw on your favorite mask.

Dont give up if you dont see the difference the first day, be patient this takes time. I have been suffering from headaches for years and I have heard of steaming, but seriously I did not want to commit my time to something I though would never work. Until my doc told me that I have to try it since all those sprays never helped with sinus issues. She told me to do it 5 times a day, but who has time for that? As simple as it is, steaming helped me, and I am still steaming my face every morning and night.

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Weaning a toddler from nursing

Weaning a ToddlerIf you are here because you want to wean your baby off stay tuned because I will talk about issues that I had before and after, I will share my best tips that I wish someone has shared with me.

Personal story
That one morning changed our lives forever!

I really though I would never wean my daughter off because she would not take a bottle even if my milk is in it. She was overly attached to breastfeeding and would barely take finger foods, even if its sweets.
She only liked macaronis that are freshly made, if they’re a bit older she will give them back. Even after her meal I would breastfeed her to “complete” her meal. I was tired of being a pacifier and making lactation cookies for almost 2 years.  (  I started making my lactation cookies when my milk supply went down, when I was 7 months postpartum)

I successfully weaned her off at night for almost 3 weeks then failed and started breastfeeding night time again. Why? Her daddy was helping and he had to go on a trip.

So one random morning I woke up and I simply decided to put a bandage on my nipple to see how it goes. I was sitting on sofa and there she comes pulling on my shirt “yumma-Yumma” , so I pulled down my shirt, showed her the bandage and she paused! She looked at me, then my nipple, like “are you kidding me?’. She tried to pull it off but I said ” Ouch Ouuuuuu” with a puppy face -the one she makes for me all the time. Then I tried to pull it off and said Ouuch, hurts, Ouchy cant get it off! Just like that, she walked away! Suspicious, but still walked away.
I expected her to scream and cry, trying to grab it off, but instead she acted as if she understood my pain like “mamas in pain I will leave her alone…but I will come back for that boob, and I will keep coming back, that bandage better be gone soon” lol

That day I fed her anything and everything I had, I put food everywhere, scared that she would be hungry. I took out all of her sippy cups and cute bottles I had, and filled them out with juices and water, she helped her self.
I will be honest with you I think it was harder for me then it was for her because I knew whats going on and she didnt. The hard part was that we were alone, I dont suggest trying this out when you family is not home, you need distraction. The more people in ur house the better.
When she cames for breastfeeding, she would see the bandage and turn around and lay in my arms. I made sure I was there for her, I didnt want her to think that she lost mommy time with breastfeeding. Id play with her hair and rock her, kiss her, cuddle her as long as she wants me to, until she decides that she has better things to do. I did this religiously. I dropped everything to cuddle her so she doesn’t feel like I left her.
That first day I did have one problem, she did not know how to fall asleep all day long. She tried to fall asleep since 5 pm to 10pm. It was hard to watch her tired like that. She wouldnt let me rock her on the pillow like she lets her daddy, so it was very hard to put her to sleep for 2 weeks. She lets her daddy rock her on a pillow but he wasnt always home. A month later she was fine falling asleep on her own, or letting me rock her on the pillow. Sometimes she would come to me, hold my hand on her face and fall asleep like that.

Here are my tips for weaning your baby off (things I wish I knew before starting it):

-Prepare ahead of time. You need pretty bottles, and sippy cups. Alternate them with different organic juices, use one sippy cup only for water.

-Buy lots of fruits, or veggies that ur baby likes.

-Get snacks, crackers, baby foods ..ect  so that way they are full and dont think about your mamas 😉

-Get your family involved, try to have play dates, or invite people over, so your baby is distracted in this progress. Stay strong and talk about it, if you need help ask for it.

-Get a new toy, a distraction that will keep your toddler busy. (We bought blocks at Burlington and it has been on the floor for several weeks. We built things, she breaks it, we laugh, repeat! lol



Some women say start by isolating one feeding at the time, but I didnt feel like thats necessary in this case. I just decided to stop breastfeeding all at once, and it worked out for us this way. You do what you think is best and easiest for you. Once you make that decision dont give in, stay strong mamma!

Breast pain
-Cabbage leafs are your best friend.
The first nigh I woke up and my left side was hurting, so I breastfed her when she was deep asleep, she never knew. Two nights later my right side was hurting so I breastfed her again. I though she would remember but she didnt, score! Four nights later I waited for her to deeply fall asleep so I can breastfeed her, but guess what? Someone forgot how to properly latch on! She first bit me bad, then she went bananas on my nipple, good thing I had nipple cream close by because I couldn’t fall asleep from nipple pain. I never breastfed after that. 

Did she wake up at night?
Oh you betcha! Id cuddle her, when she cried Id hug her, rock her, love her, as long as she knew that I was there for her. First night before falling asleep was the first night she actually cried and pulled on my shirt, she was really mad at me, and resisted my hugs, but i rubbed her back, and legs this would always put her back to sleep. Next night she woke up only 2 times, she knew the routine and soon went back to sleep.

Here are some of the things that changed since I weaned her off:
-she helps her self with broccoli and other healthy things that I put on table for her
– we sleep through the nigh (instead of waking up 2-5 times, how’ba dah?)
-we cuddle all the time, and I love it so much, she kisses me more offten
-when she falls asleep, I put her down and I slide out like a wind ( she used to grab on my shirt and well u know the rest)
-Shes not overly attached anymore, she lets me breath in another room
– I can leave her at my mothers house without worrying if I left enough milk or having to rush back
-she sleeps independently longer during the day time too
-she says Ouch when someones bothering her lol since I kept saying ouch when she pulls on my shirt

That was my journey and am glad its over, but am so proud of myself for breastfeeding for 2 years, I really wanted to give my baby the best of me. I hope you found at least one useful thing for yourself, remember, every baby is different so this might not work with your baby. Let me know if you found my post useful and what worked for you. If you have any questions I would be happy to help.